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There’s something profound about rediscovering a connection with the land.  For a few years now we’ve tried to utilize every possible space in our garden to grow something that is edible.  For me especially, it’s nothing short of miraculous that I can take a tiny seed, bury it in the dirt, add some water and watch as over time life pushes up and a plant that will ultimately provide tasty food appears.

Plum Tree 1  Front Garden 1  Front Garden 2

The land available to us at home is in no way large enough to sustain us as a family and so it’s been a dream of ours, like so many others, to own a good sized piece of land.

At the beginning of 2013 we made the decision to look for a suitable piece of land that was close to home and would offer the possibility of fulfulling part of our dream.
Having spent a few weeks driving around looking at local fields, trying to assess whether they were in use, or not, we settled on a short list, with one favourite less than 1/2 a mile from home.
Then came the challenge of discovering who the owners of the parcels of land were.  Starting with our favourite choice we managed to track down the owners, through a series of online searches and phonecalls, and eventually arranged to meet with them and share our dream.
She loved the idea and in May we took over the rent of "Abbey Meadow".

Now over two years in and the dream is expanding, as dreams always do.  We've worked hard and the difference is notable, but there's still an awful long way to go.

In a nutshell our dream for the field is to grow our own food, learn new skills, develop a self-sustaining business and provide opportunities for the local community to engage in food production and the learning of traditional rural skills.

Our list of animals aquired over the past 2 years amounts to - 

Sky - our Saddleback sow.  She's now on her 3rd litter.
Missy - our pedigree Oxford Sandy & Black Gilt.
17 Baby Saddleback Pigs of varying ages
Belle, Maisy, Gracie, Willow, Samson and Solomon (and 3 small boys - Steve, Ant and Dec 
- our pedigree Bristish Toggenburg goats
Molly and Floss (and one lamb - Junior) our 2 Whiteface Dartmoor Ewes
Mr Sunshine and his flock of 14 Lincolnshire Buff chickens
Rocky and his flock of assorted chickens
Fraggle and Flo - our 2 Chinese Geese

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